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A choice of Four Professional Coaching Packages to help you achieve your goals

All A1 plans are custom, hand crafted and adjust to your schedule.
A1 Coaching training packages are based on the latest available scientific literature and are designed to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your available training time.

Choose from one of our four coaching packages, or scroll down for a comparison chart and other services that may interest you.

How Does It Work

We’ll take all the guess work out of your training. Our workflow will ensure the only thing you need to worry about is completing each session, as prescribed by your A1 Coach. We’ll give you peace of mind – you’ll know that each session is taking you closer to your goal.

What's the Difference

A recent audit of our clients showed that almost all (97%) A1 Clients are getting better and hitting their goals. The speed at which athletes were achieving success was determined by the coaching package. Ultimate athletes’ were getting results faster than the rest.

Choose Your Plan
  •    Hand Built Schedule
  •    Premium "Today's Plan"
  •    Workout Feedback
  •    File Analysis
  •    A1 Members Subscription
  •    Contact Frequency
  •    Schedule Adjustments
  •    Communication Method
  •    Race Strategy
  •    Dietary Analysis


100/ month
100/ month
  • Weekly
  • Weekly
  • Email
  • Basic


150/ month
150/ month
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Email & Scheduled Calls
  • Intermediate
  • Basic


250/ month
250/ month
  • Real Time
  • Daily
  • Email, Phone, Wattsapp
  • In-depth Scenario Based
  • Advanced


  • Totally Unique Package
  • Real Time
  • Daily
  • Email, Phone, Wattsapp
  • Fully Custom
  • Fully Custom

Adding to the Experience

2 Months Free Coaching with Power Meter Purchase

Most training systems only allow you to measure your body’s response to the work. The actual amount of work you perform remains a mystery – or at best an estimate. Why is this a problem? Doing too much work means injury and overtraining risk. Too little means you’re not getting the maximum benefits you want. When power is measured your training becomes that much more effective.


Group Coaching Plans

Want the benefit of A1 Coaching but can’t afford the price tag?
We’ve custom training plans which cater for groups.
This option is ideal for individuals of a similar standard who are looking to achieve similar goals.



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