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“If you want to be a pro. Find someone who has made it and reverse engineer how they got there”  Anthony Walsh

Success leaves clues

We’ve reverse engineered what it takes to become a Professional Cyclist and put together a package to give you the best possible chance to make it to the Pro ranks.

World Tour Experience

If you want to become a pro it helps to have a former top pro guiding your efforts. Allan Davis is a man who needs no introduction to any cycling fan but just in case you’ve forgotten. Here are a few career highlights:

The list goes on and on…..
Allan will be your personal coach on this journey – Coaching and Mentoring.

Social Media

Cycling is changing – there is an increasing number of riders of similar ability. It’s becoming more and more difficult to make it into the pro ranks. One way to mark yourself out from the crowd is to “reverse engineer” what teams are looking for.

The Sponsorship landscape in cycling is very competitive at the moment. Team Directors are trying to give more and more value to sponsors. A higher return on investment for sponsors means there is more chance the team will be around for the following season.

Team Directors have responded to this new landscape by placing a greater importance on signing riders with a “social presence”
We’ll teach you how to build and engage with an audience across Instagram, Snapchat, Strava, Twitter & Facebook making you a more attractive proposition for would-be teams!


There is an established athlete pathway if you want to turn professional.

We’ll leverage the combined network of the A1 Team to get you placed with top foreign amateur teams and when the time we’ll make the professional connections for you.


We’ll ensure you have access to a range of services which will facilitate your progression – lactate testing, training camps and nutrition consultations.

Analytics Platform

We’ve partnered with Today’s Plan to build a custom A1/Today’s Plan user interface. Today’s Plan is the analytics platform of World Tour Team’s like Sky Pro Cycling. We’ll be using this system for monitoring your progress and  delivering your daily sessions.


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