How It Works

We build custom training plans around your lifestyle

A1 Coaching coaching typically operates as follows:

  • Sign Up

    You can sign up directly for the package of your choice or, if you have any queries or would like to discuss it prior to committing, let us know via the on-line ‘contact’ form and we will get in contact.

  • Complete Questionnaire

    When you have signed up for one of the Coaching Packages, we will send you a ‘Client Profile Form’. This will give us detailed information that will help us construct the most appropriate programme for you.

  • We Build Your Plan

    Your Coach will study the Profile Form, contact you for further information if necessary, and begin to develop your programme.

  • Start Training

    You will receive a daily training plan which will be custom built around your unique circumstances.

  • Training Analysis

    Your training programme will be provided via Today’s Plan software which we will sign you up to as part of the Package – this will give you on-line access to your training progamme and history.

  • We Make Adjustments

    Your coach will tweak and adjust your plan based on the training data you generate.

  • Reach Your Goals

    All you need to do is follow each training prescription and get ready to surpass all your  performance expectations.


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