The A1 Difference - Individual Lactate Testing

A1 Coaching staff will assess physiological markers that are key to performance. Knowing ‘the numbers’ can also be very motivating – you can set higher targets and plan your training better with measurable indicators.

Each participant is provided with a summary of the assessment and suggested training sessions for development, based on the data.

Physiological testing is the very best way to ensure you are on track to accomplish your goals.

Let us put you through your paces and see ‘what’s under the hood’


 Over the course of a 60 minute assessment we will:

  • Access your lactate threshold using an incremental wattbike testing & periodic blood testing
  • A full Power Profile where we’ll determine your strengths & weaknesses relative to your peers. This will give you a better understanding of the types of events you should be targeting and also show you stack up against the pro’s
  • Aerobic Efficiency Markers – Threshold Power is only one indication of improved fitness levels. We’ll use these markers to assess sub threshold improvements in performance.
  • Detailed breakdown of your training zones for both Power & Heart Rate.
  • Give you a full report against which you can measure future progress.
  • Provide you with a sample training week, based on the data, to ensure you make maximum improvements given your available training time.

A1 Individual Lactate Testing



Lactate Threshold Test on WattBike w/ Periodic Blood Testing

Personal Individual Power Profile

Aerobic Efficiency Markers

Power & Heart Rate Zones Set

Full Written Report

Sample Training Week - Prescribed Workouts