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A question I’ve often heard put to the A1 coaching team is ‘how many hours should an underage rider do per week?” I’m sure there might be a scientific answer as to the optimum amount of hours that each age group should do and at what intensities to become the best cyclist they can possibly
Friday, 28 April 2017 / Published in Uncategorized
So post Ras Mumhan, my head is everywhere, chatting to Ryan over at A1 Coaching and he’s full of support, some things can’t be prevented, and some things just happen!   At times like this I believe its where the coaching comes in!   At least Mondello was fun and have Bohermeen on Sunday. Fast
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A breakaway is a very unique thing to cycling. A couple of riders try their luck and take on the whole peleton in a race to the finish line. In terms of Irish racing, races tend to follow the same format race after race; a fast start with plenty of attacking which leads to a
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I’ve only another week or so studying and I’m back full time at A1. It’s been a slog but I can safely say I can see the light. I had a conversation with an exercise physiologist a few days ago about my full time days and in particular the mistakes I made with training. ‘It
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With a lot of the A1 Coaching crew basking in the sunshine on their winter training camp, it’s safe to say I’m writing this blog with extreme jealousy. A winter training camp is an amazing experience. Getting away to the sun in the depth of the winter is an invaluable break from the freezing cold