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Endurance / Efficiency

Fat is a more efficient source of energy for cyclists. Fat (9kcal/g) contains more energy compared to carbohydrates and protein (4kcal/g). Stores of fat are also much larger (blood, muscle and adipose tissue). For example a 70kg athlete with a body fat of 10% has approximately 7kg of stored fat which has the potential to supply 63,000kcal of energy.
In comparison, carbohydrate stores in the body can only store 400-500g equating to 1,600-2,000kcal of energy or 3-4hrs of medium intensity exercise.

Weight Loss

Most cyclists simply want to lose weight. Firstly, there is a difference between losing general weight and improving body composition. General weight can consist of fat, water and muscle. Body composition is about reducing the percentage of body fat and maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass. What this does is improve your power to weight ratio, the goal of any cyclist !

That’s what this nutrition system allows you to do, without having to restrict yourself or force yourself to follow an extreme diet.  By understanding how food triggers your metabolism as opposed to choosing it based on its calorie content means that you can learn how to eat foods which promote fat oxidation (i.e. fat burning) while also improving protein synthesis (i.e. muscle repair/growth). Hence, by following the principles and individualising the strategy, you can get leaner, lose weight, but also improve your power.

Long term Health

The ultimate goal of any amateur athlete should be to stay healthy and reduce long term health risks. There is plenty of research which now shows how a higher carbohydrate/higher sugar diet can cause insulin resistance resulting in type 2 diabetes and obesity. Studies using low carbohydrate/high fat diets show how insulin sensitivity is improved resulting in weight loss and prevention of type 2 diabetes. Eating this way can also lower inflammation in the body meaning that recovery is improved and the immune system is not overworked. This allows you to train harder without wearing the body down and suffering from constant illnesses.

{ Therefore, not only can you improve your aerobic capacity and power/weight ratio but you can also improve your overall health by changing the way you eat. The nutrition approach required can be difficult to accept at first as it is contrary to the conventional guidelines which have been commercially driven yet outdated. However, Barry’s emphasis is first targeted on simply eating better whole foods but more importantly on the getting the athlete to understand the theory and workings of this way of eating and how they fit it into their daily life.}

Learning to make the switch

In order to make the body be more efficient at using fat as a source of energy it must be trained

The body must learn how to use fat as its primary source of fuel and the machinery needs to be put in place so that the engine functions efficiently. This can be achieved through choosing the right foods to eat at the right times. It can also be finely tuned to burn fats as you increase the intensity levels so that your carbohydrate needs are not only less but are spared for times when you really need them. Therefore, you as an athlete will improve at long distance events and you will have more energy available for more intensive efforts simply by eating in a more clever way.

Therefore, you as an athlete will improve at long distance events and you will have more energy available for more intensive efforts simply by eating an appropriate diet specific for cycling.

Performance/Health Nutrition Consultation

149/ 1 Time
149/ 1 Time
  • Diet analysis, health and lifestyle review
  • Detailed individual report (30 pages)
  • Customized weekly nutrition planner
  • 1 x follow up 60min 1-2-1 or skype/phone consult

Silver Nutrition Coaching

99/ month
99/ month
  • Monthly nutrition plan based on individuals training blocks & phases
  • Monthly review by phone consult/skype
  • Weekly email feedback/advice

Platinum Nutrition Coaching

199/ month
199/ month
  • Weekly nutrition plans based on specific training block/training phases
  • Weekly phone consult/skype
  • Unlimited emails
  • Monthly 1-on-1 consults
  • Weight management
  • Race preparation
  • Health coaching on all aspects: blood test analysi/reviews , immunity, recovery, sleep.


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