A1 Off-Bike Performance

Strength & Conditioning


  • The maximal sustained power output for a given distance and the energy cost of maintaining that output is known as cycling economy. Strength training can result in an increase in cycling economy.
  • It can result in a greater and faster recruitment of powerful, more fatigue resistant fast twitch muscle fibres.This can improve your sprinting cycling performance in the key latter stages of a race.
  • Improved use of the natural muscle spring known as the Stretch-Shortening Cycle, which increases force output and muscular efficiency.
  • Strength training can facilitate maintenance and growth in muscle mass. This can improve sporting performance, but also is vital for overall health
  • It can lead to increases in Bone Mineral Density. This can protect people from developing osteoporosis in later life
  • Improves the coordination between muscle groups, which improves the transfer of energy from one muscle to the next. This can lead to greater force output when running or cycling.
  • Allows greater tolerance of high workload which reduces the likelihood of injury
  • It can offset and prevent muscle wasting in the older population, which are at a greater risk of this problem. Allows improved movement in day to day activities
  • Improves flexibility as muscles can move through greater ranges of motion. This reduces the likelihood of injury.

Strength & Conditioning


The A1 Strength and Conditioning program on not only helps improve overall aerobic strength and endurance, it also prevents injury and promotes recovery

Greater/Faster recruitment of fast twitch muscles

Improved Muscle Mass

Greater Muscle Coordination

Greater Flexibility

Increased Bone Mineral Density


Performance / Health

Nutrition Consultation


Diet analysis, health and lifestyle review

Detailed individual report (30 pages)

Customized weekly nutrition planner

1 x follow up 60min 1-2-1 or skype/phone consult

Silver Nutrition



Monthly nutrition plan based on individuals training blocks & phases

Monthly review by phone consult/skype

Weekly email feedback/advice


Platinum Nutrition



Weekly nutrition plans based on specific training block/training phases

Weekly phone consult/skype

Unlimited emails

Monthly 1-on-1 consults

Weight management

Race preparation

Health coaching on all aspects: blood test analysis/reviews , immunity, recovery, sleep.