A consultation is arguably the best ‘once off’ expenditure you can make for enhancement of athletic performance. Everyone from competitive racing cyclists, to sportive riders and multi-discipline athletes will benefit from this service.

Whether you are looking to get started in the sport or looking for that extra few seconds advantage over your competitors, an A1 Coaching Consultation will help get you there.

We will deliver a custom 1.5 hour consultation. We will analyse where you are in your chosen sport, overview your current training methods and how they fit with both your goals and your lifestyle. and plot out a detailed pathway to get you from your current fitness levels to your goals.
The consultation can vary depending on the needs of the client, but normally will cover:

– Goal Setting

– Analysis of current training methods

– Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

– Building the outline of a training approach and plan

– Discuss motivation

– Additional key issues such as diet, strength, flexibility, lifestyle, etc

– General Advice

1.5 hours Consultation – €150


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