One on One Ride

 Hone your skills – push your limits – achieve your goal

On-On-One Ride

There truly is no better way to maximise the coach / athlete relationship than a one-on-one ride.
Your coach can pick up on a thousand conscious and unconscious gestures, signals and movements which you make while riding. Improvements needed in key skills and techniques can be assessed and practical demonstrations given.

The information gathered from these One-on-One rides can, therefore, prove invaluable in customising a coaching package to your specific needs. They are also pleasant and social occasions, where bike conversation flows and information is exchanged and shared.

A one on one ride is also great for:
• Learning how to group ride
• Learning how to corner
• Descending safely and quickly
• Sprint tactics
• Anylising aero position
• Working on ability to climb
• Improving Time Trial performance

One-to-One Rides can be booked at the following cost:

• 1 session – €100
• 3 sessions – €250


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