Bike Fitting

A1 Coaching has partnered with Bike Fit Studio to bring you Retül Bike Fitting for a fit that is optimized for you.

A1 Coaching has been providing a coaching service to some of Ireland’s most successful cyclists throughout their careers, and helping them to success in some of the most prominent cycling races in Ireland.

Along with your coaching experience with A1, it is essential that we help you find the ideal cycling position that maximizes your power output, optimizes your aerodynamic position, and puts you in the most comfortable cycling position based on your unique body geometry. This is why A1 Coaching has partnered with Bike Fit Studio to bring you Retül Bike Fitting for a bike fit that is optimized for you.

Retül Bike Fitting is already used by many professional cycling teams around the world, including Sky Pro Cycling, Team Europcar, Orica GreenEDGE, and British Cycling.

The reason that these teams use Retül for their riders’ bike fitting is because Retül uses a cycling specific 3D motion capture system. Retül Bike Fitting reads your movements while you are cycling in simulated conditions by power loading.

The three dimensional analysis allows your bike fitter to collect the data, analyze your vertical movements as well your horizontal/lateral movements, and establish the best bike fit for you. This bike fit takes into account your physiological capabilities, along with your cycling performance levels in order to guide your bike fit changes.

Retül Bike Fitting uses advanced technology and scientifically developed techniques to delivery the optimum bike fit to every cyclist who uses Retül Bike Fitting Technology. Take a look at the video below to see how Retül has been developed and how it is used to deliver the best bike fitting available from Bike Fit Studio.


The team at Bike Fit Studio in Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin take great pride in providing such a premium service for cyclists looking to get bike fitting in Ireland. You can see from the images that it is an exceptional bike fitting service, that uses the latest technology to ensure that cyclists in Ireland are getting the same level of bike fitting as any professional cycling team around the world

If you are interested in adding this bike fitting service to your coaching package, please contact A1 Coaching


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