Patjoe O’Connell – Westport Covey Wheelers

“Even with the results achieved by March my season has been a big success – thanks to Peter Morse and Anthony Walsh at A1 Coaching”

I was eager to get cracking in November after returning from my honeymoon a few Kg heavier and felt like getting stuck in as quickly as possible – I wanted to got to ‘the next level’ and get upgraded from A3.

However, neither did I want to become a classic ‘winter warrior’ and go to hard too soon. I also felt that I needed structure and guidance to help with this, so I put my faith in A1 Coach, Peter Morse. He developed a programme in consultation with me and I then started building my base.

To be honest, it was frustrating at times, especially when club-mates started doing tempo and threshold work and I had to hold back. However, there’s no point in getting a coach unless you put your trust in him and I stuck to Peter’s plan.

The plan worked and made a major difference to the start of my season.

My first win came in the Loughrea GP in March and was won by a bike-throw to the line – a fine detail which Peter had added to my training!

I followed this up the following week with a 3rd place from a break of 12 on a very tough day in Claremorris. I had carried a few points from 2014 and, with both results, I was upgraded to A2. Then, in the Tom Bourke Spring Classic I took 5th place and gained my first points as A2.

It was great to see the pay-off from hard work, consistency and a structured coaching programme. I now realise that I had started previous seasons with little form or was over-tired from too much training

The major difference which A1 Coaching brought this year was the structure and accountability they provided. Every week myself and Peter discuss the following week’s races and plan out my training. Some days it’s hard fit in the schedule but, with Peter checking my progress on TrainingPeaks, I just get it done!

I have also been training with the RAS team and Peter is there to guide and support me while adapting my training plan. I’ve just completed my first Rás Mumhan and raced some other big races with the best in the country – all thanks to A1 Coaching.

So, even with the progress and results achieved by March, my season has been a big success already – thanks to Peter Morse and Anthony Walsh at A1 Coaching.

Now to set new targets and goals for the rest of the season ….

Pat Joe O'Connell

Patjoe O’Connell – Westport Covey Wheelers