Satisfied Users of our 12-Week Winter Plan

‘If you are a time crunched cyclist this is for you – no time wasted riding aimlessly’

Comments from Users of the 12-Week Winter Training Plan on the Facebook A1 Winter Training Group (a closed, supported group to users of the programme)

At A1 Coaching we are heartened that so many satisfied customers took the time to express their satisfaction with with our new 12-Week Winter Training Plan

Kyle Wheeler

‘The results say it all  … an increase of 33 watts – an 11.7% improvement. So, chapeau to the A1 team.’

Owen Hickey

‘Done my first race ever today – Lacey Cup, Tralee – finished 2nd thanks A1 team’

Jeremy Farrell

 ’12-week Base Programme completed yesterday and absolutely flying at the moment. Going in to the race season 1 kg lighter than what I was in August 2015 and that was after a full season of racing! Great programme A1 Coaching!’

Adam D’Arcy

‘Having started at the build phase, as 1st target events are in April, I’m on week-5 but already feel fitter and stronger on the bike. To prove it, some of my Strava PRs, set last summer, have been beaten in the past couple of weeks, even in the crappy weather we’ve had. Progress.’

Brian Morrissey

‘I’m blown away with the amount of content on new members’ website’

Ian Carson

‘I thought I’d report in with the effects …. I’ve seen the following (lab tested for some, turbo with power at home):

body fat from 21% to 14%
lean body mass +2kg
vo2 max 58 to 61
ftp +40 watts (on the turbo)
20 min av heartt 174

Thanks A1.’

Ross O’Neill

‘Since buying a power meter this is the one thing that has really improved my cycling. 5 weeks in and it’s great to know exactly what I have to do in each session, how long it will be and how hard it will be. For the cost and improvement in performance it’s a complete no brainer, a must have’

Calvin Leach

‘Loving the structure, even though I’m finding it tough at times’

Moss Keane

‘I’m finding it great … keeps me motivated/very easy to follow … I like when you have a question … it’s answered … keep up the good work’

George Donnelly

‘As close to 121 coaching you can get.  If you are a time crunched cyclist this is for you – no time wasted riding aimlessly. Totally specific, targeted training to take you to the next level. This is the best bang-for-your-buck training program out there’

Martin Waters

‘The program keeps you focused with your long-term targets in mind. The sessions have great variety and it even makes a turbo session interesting’

Declan Ward

‘Does exactly what it says on the tin – completely structured sessions, includes weights programme, setting power and heart rate zones, stretching, nutrition and hydration, season planner’

Mark Byrne

‘Basing the 12-week programme on the time-crunched rider has made a significant impact on myself. Already six weeks in, has been highly motivating and I’ve also liked the private Facebook group because it’s brought the entire group together’

Declan Horchik

‘ Whether you are new to cycling or an experienced cyclist, the A1 Program will help you to become a stronger and faster cyclist. The Program takes the guess-work out of what you should be doing day to day and week to week’

Andrew Hickey

‘This program has been great value. Hoping the build program will be the same. Again like some of the lads I have only started training with power so I find this program is well structured and the daily objectives are very clear’

Ann Slator

‘As a relative newbie to cycling (started riding in March of this year to train for a charity ride) I was lacking the incentive after the ride to keep cycling – despite having found that I enjoyed it!
Then up popped A1. I listened to their intro videos and thought this might be helpful so signed up. It took me a couple of weeks to get started, but now into Week 4 and have no regrets. I am pushed for time and still a nervous cyclist, so providing structured sessions that can be done indoors or out is great. The FB private group helps to provide support and the coaches from A1 are always around to answer queries and provide encouragement. I am noticing a difference already – so am delighted with my investment! Thank you’

Niall Cornyn

‘This program is really easy for everyone to follow and focuses on all aspects of what you need to do to be on the podium. It’s been really beneficial as it’s hard training for triathlons as you really need to focus on quality, not quantity. This 12-week program has motivated me immensely to set out my goals for the tri season of 2016 which is to be on the podium for the national championships’

 Gareth Rogers

Thanks guys for all your hard work to put this together for us. If you’re new to cycling this is GOLD, trust them, you’ll have to read about 30 years of cycling literature and talk to hundreds of trusted people to otherwise gain handed down advice that works . I just hope I don’t say up too late reading and listening to it. I really believe this is our best chance to reach our potential’.

Ann Slator

‘Well I’m no racer and never intend to be! But I needed focus to keep me going through the winter months and hopefully will be a bit quicker next summer so Sportives will be achievable. So far the programme and support are providing exactly what I need. Hope you find the same.’

Satisfied Users of our 12-Week Winter Plan