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The A1 Difference - Personalised Triathlon Coaching

Our Triathlon Packages offer the ultimate in one on one coaching services for multisport athletes. Whether it’s your first sprint distance race, or Kona qualification we have you covered. No templates, no copy and paste, no shortcuts. A1 Coaching offer a completely individualised coaching experience, with your training plan designed around your lifestyle, taking your personal needs and circumstances into account.

A Proven Winner


Our coaches will track each and every session through our software to ensure you’re doing each session as prescribed.


Our training plans blend around your commitments, if you miss a session, no problem. We’ll adapt your training schedule to make sure you’re still on track.


Our unique training philosophy has seen riders winning the biggest races in Cycling & Triathlon off as little as 6 – 8 hours training per week.


Each day you have available to train you’ll be prescribed a training session. Each session will be tailored to tax a different physiological system. Every session will take you one step closer to achieving your goal.

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TRIATHLON PACKAGES - No Templates, No Copy and Paste

A choice of Two Professional Coaching Packages to help you achieve your goals

All A1 plans are custom, handcrafted and adjust to your schedule.
A1 Coaching training packages are based on the latest available scientific literature and are designed to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your available training time



For athletes’ who don’t have time to waste and demand the best

Hand Built Schedule 

Premium "Today's Plan"  

Workout Feedback 

File Analysis

A1 Members Subscription 

Daily Contact  

Weekly Schedule Adjustments 

Email & Scheduled Calls 

Race Strategy 

Dietary Analysis - Basic




You’ll get all benefits of the expert package but we’ll dive deeper into your performance

Hand Built Schedule

Premium "Today's Plan"

Workout Feedback 

File Analysis

A1 Members Subscription 

Real-time Contact  

Daily Schedule Adjustments 

Email, Phone, Wattsapp 

In-depth Scenario Based Race Strategy 

Dietary Analysis - Advanced




The Triathlon Blueprint is a highly individualized approach based off a proven formula.
Individually tailored to suit your lifestyle. Guarantee your progression this season.

4 months of 1-1 coaching

In Season Strength and Conditioning Guide

Marginal Gains Guide

A1 Nutrition Coaching Package

Access to the A1 Athlete Support Team

No templates.

No copy and paste.